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“Kona Hospital Foundation receives $1,500 grant
from First Insurance Company of Hawaii”

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Our November Informational Presentation is Tuesday, November 17th, 2015.

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“Feast On the Beach” 3rd Annual Fundraiser at Lava Lava Beach Club

Tickets are now available.

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“Kona Hospital Foundation Receives $10,000 grant from
Hawai‘i Electric Light Company”

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Foundation Purchases: It All Comes Back to You!

Through the charitable support of public and private donations, grants and fundraiser's, the Foundation is able to provide the Kona Community Hospital with state-of-the-art medical equipment and technology, expanded services and enhanced facilities that would otherwise be unavailable. The following are specific items the Foundation has funded to date.

2015 Foundation Transfer to Kona Community Hospital - $50,692.09

$13,000.00 Short Stay Waiting Area Renovation – Surgery Waiting Room Chairs
$12,300.00 Obstetrics Department – Daddy Beds
$6,249.96 Cancer Center – Initial Construction for Oncology Department
$19,142.13 Cancer Center – New Reception Area for Oncology Building Expansion

2014 Foundation Transfer to Kona Community Hospital - $193,183.15

$8,034.71 General – Purchase of 3 Electronic Messaging Boards with software for ER, Admitting and Cafeteria
$10,829.00 Operating Room – Flexible Video Endoscope for Surgery
$4,710.47 Infusion Center – Golf Cart - Transport Patients between Oncology & Infusion Center
$1,456.00 Respiratory Therapy Department – Co2 Monitor
$4,000.00 Operating Room – Pressure Infuser Irrigators
$21,347.67 Operating Room – Video Laryngo Scope with Monitor & Blades
$16,348.44 Obstetrics Department - GE Panda Baby Warmer
$34,843.53 Operating Room – 2 Anesthesia Machines
$21,562.11 Operating Room - Flexible Intubation Scope
$54,426.32 Operating Room – Neoprobe
$15,624.90 Cancer Center – Architectural & Structural Plans & Specifications for Oncology Building Expansion

2013 Foundation Transfer to Kona Community Hospital - $316,976.49

$25,404.27 Respiratory Therapy Department – 2 Ventilator Machines
$62,000.00 Buy A Bed Project – 8 New Patient Care Beds
$11,215.78 Cardiology Clinic – EKG Machine
$2,500.03 Cardiology Clinic – 2 AED Defibrillators
$100,001.60 Adopt A Room
$29,590.62 Obstetrics Department – 2 Panda Baby Warmers
$86,264.19 Cardiology Clinic – Ultrasound Machine with Cardiac Package

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Board of Trustees:
John P. Bunnell, D.D.S.
Judi Nakamaru
Reba Mae Silva
Patricia Clark
Gregory Chun, Ph.D.
Jane Dierenfield
Jason "Ikaika" Hauanio
Donna Hiranaka

Gala Benefit
Contact Us
Press Releases
Lecture Series
About Us